Anniversary, what’s that?

On June 18th Steve and I marked four years of marriage. Our three previous anniversaries have all fell on or very near the Highland Sky trail race-where Steve runs forty miles through the West Virginia mountains. Some sort of metaphor there for a run away husband.

While I don’t mind sharing with the HS, having our fourth anniversary fall while in Napa Valley was an especially nice treat.

We biked and sipped the morning away cruising to a couple off the radar wineries, Casa Nuestra and Dr. Wermuth’s. Wineries are the best aid stations.


As the day heated up Steve decided it was time to loose the hair. Not a problem.

After Mission accomplished we headed to the town of Napa for the Thursday night Chef’s Festival- turned out to be overrated, so after a cheese plate and more wine at the Oxbow (indoor) Market, we rolled back to charming, little Calistoga for pizza and a juicy bottle of Tractor Shed Red.
Tractor Shed
Our time in Napa and Sonoma was a vacation from our vacation. Better weather, good wine & food at every turn, good luck with camping, and conversations with pleasant people provided a much needed break from the usual frustrations. Now we are heading north along curvy, cow laden CA 1. More vineyards and vistas await.

girls are meaner
girls are meaner

Barrels at Husch


3 thoughts on “Anniversary, what’s that?

  1. Wow, I totally forgot you anniversary. You’d think after stealing your husband the last few years I’d remember by now. Glad to see you’re having good weather but I guess wine country is always guaranteed fun. You should totally take that house for rent.

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