I’m only happy when it rains. -Garbage

Why oh why does that ’90s pop-alternative song keep playing over and over in my head? This is the east side of the Sierra, its not supposed to rain everyday..that only happens in Florida and the Rockies. Who mixed up the geography and screwed with Mother Nature? We left Colorado…after getting rained on everyday. We left Tahoe…after getting rained on everyday. There is some comfort in knowing that this weather is unseasonable. Some solace in the fact that the locals say they haven’t seen anything like this in years, decades. But the fact of the matter is that we’re tired of dealing with the weather. Seems we’re a little too early to an area and spring/summer is a little too late. There was a saying back home, “Don’t like the weather in Kentucky? Then wait five minutes!”. Seems everyone, everywhere uses that saying.

After all that complaining enjoy some pics from the few moments it didn’t precipitate on us…


tufa 2Funky tufa in Mono Lake.

Jill below Carson PeakJill doesn’t need a weatherman to tell her which way the wind blows. Hiking below Carson Peak above June Lake. (It hailed on us forcing a turnaround before we got to the alpine lake, our objective of the hike).

Steve Feet

Cold FeetClear and cold overnight wasn’t just a forecast, they were the stream conditions.

long lake before snowBeautiful Long Lake under sunny skies…
long lake snowBeautiful Long Lake under snowy skies 30 minutes later.

at the cragletteA storm could erupt on this craglette at any moment.
10aGranite handjams, check. Funny hat, check. Cloudy skies, check.

just another alpine lakeJust another pretty alpine lake. This time the snow pack turned us around, post holing is no fun.
Monfreid snow caveBut at least our monkey learned how to build a snow cave.


One thought on “Precipitation

  1. nice shots and commentary. glad to see you guys are climbing steadily again. running just seems… well… like work.

    anyway, snow pack here is holding, summit bids require snow shoes, crampons, and avalanche dodging skills. DOH!! Cragging is good for now, and the mountains might clear out around the 4th of July… but then, there’s the mosquitos. Mountain Man Rendezvous is July 10-12 in lovely pinedale, all the civilization you need.

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