IPA, Not a Hoppy Beer

Flash back a few weeks…

While in Boise we took in an event of sorts that I’ve been meaning to blog about. Our good friend Tex got himself a college degree in photojournalism at the illustrious Western Kentucky University. How the heck this led him to a career swinging a McCloud and jumping out of planes I’ll never know. I guess a government job is looking a lot better than working for newspaper right about now. Anyway, it was the Tex, WKU connection that landed us at this cool event.

The Idaho Photojournalism Alliance sponsored a talk, lecture, whatever you want to call it, with Dave LaBelle. This guy is a really good photographer and maybe even better teacher. His passion for photography really came alive when he talked to the room full of people in downtown Boise. I’ve sat and listened to plenty of new photographers (more video than still) talk about their work and how to take pictures, but none as fun as this guy. He really hit home the basics of taking a good picture. It’s the basics that soooo many people miss out on when taking even a simple snapshot.

I can’t count the number of times on this trip I’ve been asked to take a picture and I end up moving the people around. Don’t they understand they’ll be backlit? Don’t they see that flagpole sticking out of their head? Why do they think I’m crazy when I snap two or three frames at different angles and distances? Of course there have been times when I’m tired and don’t care and just point and shoot. I feel guilty later, taking a good picture isn’t rocket science but does require some effort.

So anyway, Dave LaBelle has just published another book titled I want to know all the technical stuff…I just want to shoot pictures. I love it that you have a very experienced, professional, professor breaking it down to the basics. If you are interested in taking better pictures you should check it out, it is a pretty good book.


One thought on “IPA, Not a Hoppy Beer

  1. Steve-
    I think a true photographer will always be bothered when the shot isn’t “just right” because we can see the way it could be or should be. I am often frustrated looking at friends pics, like the one of a friend’s 5 year old in front of the Christmas tree this year. What you see in the pic. is head to toe of the 5 yr old and and about two feet of the bottom of the tree. I just want to say, in the nicest way possible of course, if you have to point the camera at the ground to take a pic of your child you will always have a great picture of the ground. Why don’t you take kneel and then you can also get the tree in the pic as well which was obviously your intent in the first place. I won’t bother telling you about the pics they took in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disney. You get the picture so to speak.

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