Frozen Mocha, Hold the Twang

A cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right
So sad that I’m hearing country light, when big mountains are in sight.

What is it with California? We don’t stop in too many places on the road. It isn’t intentional it just seems that after a hike or a day spent climbing we are ready to settle in at our camping spot. This is regrettable cause we are missing countless greasy spoons, funky thrift stores, local gear shops and more. However we do often stop at local coffee shops for wireless internet. In doing this on the east side of the Sierras, here in California, I’ve suffered through lots of pop country. Here I sit in a chic coffee house complete with a shiny, red Italian espresso machine and artsy photos hanging on the walls, it doesn’t seem an appropriate venue for Toby Keith or Garth Brooks. Just to upload some pics for the blog, I rode out a trip through prom theme songs of the past 15 years. We are in California after all, shouldn’t the latest actress turned singer be wailing from the speakers?

I’ll wrap this rant up with a sweet suggestion, for some really fine Americana tunes turn up your speakers and webstream WDVX outta Knoxville, TN when on Wednesday and Friday evenings Nelson ( UK Blue from Paintsville, KY)  spins the best in roots, classic country, folk, southern rock and singer/songwriter anthems.


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