Our Wall

I’m not on The Good Book (or Twitter either) but my understanding is that there is some sorta wall that people can sign. Inside our home on wheels we’ve got a little cork board so we can tack up stuff we’ve collected one the road, to do lists, or pictures. Consider it our wall.

van wall

Just your basic junk that I thought would be funny to hang up in our van (kinda reminds me of a high school locker). Yeah that’s a picture of Curious George, there’s one of our niece and nephew in there somewhere. A ring off a bottle of Basil’s. A cool drawing of someone skiing that our friend in New Zealand sent us. A bus ticket from Mexico. Oh and the list of things to do in Leadville, CO….right before we fled the rains. We thought the board would be handy, and I guess it is, but I don’t pay a lot of attention to our wall…until recently. Notice the picture of the couple camping. Look real close. Closer.

camping pic

Disturbed? Me too. What is that guy doing? That poor girl is lighting the camp stove to cook up some bacon eggs and the guy is trying to take off her top. Really? C’mon now save it for the pop up, there are people paddling on the lake back there! If I tried to do that to my wife I’d get whacked across the head with a skillet. Jill thinks he’s pitching horseshoes…I dunno.

This picture was part of the packaging of a sweet piezo electric ‘lighter’ we bough to light the burners. It came from the Coghlan’s company, you know those ubiquitous camping supplies that use a lot of greens and yellows in their packaging. They also have print the instructions in English and French. Turns out their a Canadian company based in Winnipeg. Don’t know folks in the art department have their minds in the gutter or they’re marketing to a French audience, but this picture cracks me up. It is worthy of adorning our wall.


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