Where are we? How are we?

We have a winner, Laura guessed Truckee which is very near Lake Tahoe. I had never given Tahoe much thought, but it turned out to be a really nice spot with lots to offer. With casinos on the NV side we were even able to loose money on the Belmont.

We’re still dodging rain. I’ve often heard how global warming will lead to not only hotter climates but wetter ones as well. This spring is living up to that as the infamous shoulder season seems to be dragging on and on. We’ve caught breaks in the weather long enough to hike a bit before being chased back to the van by lightening or hail.

On something of a whim we spent several days in a place that was not on our radar. Now after visiting it is on my list of potential homes. It still doesn’t top VT but with water, plenty of XC, moderate climbing and several vibrant local communities it is worth a look. Where is this magical place?

Jill WaveFirst correct guess can sip Bourbon with us in the van. (Only redeemable if we park in your driveway)


6 thoughts on “Where are we? How are we?

  1. Is that water behind you salty? If so, then it could be *gasp* the Great Salt Lake. I sure wouldn’t expect that on your radar screen.

    Or, was there a town called Truckee not far from this water?

  2. Wow Laura, way to go, Truckee is one of the communities we visited that is very near Lake Tahoe where the pics are from. We can switch the bourbon for wine.

  3. Ahh Broke Leg Elvis you had prior knowledge as to our whereabouts. I’ll for sure share my bourbon with you no matter where our van is parked.

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