Domesticating Tex

The last weekend in May found us in Idaho catching up with our buddy Tex. Tex is a life long friend of Steve’s. Over the years he’s established himself as the ultimate nomad, spending half the year as a wild land firefighter and half the year as a traveler to the far corners of the world. While we were nesting in Lexington he was traveling around India or living in Samoa.

A couple years ago, after graduating to smoke jumper, he bought himself a little slice of the American Dream in the form of an adorable 1930’s cottage in Boise, Idaho. In something of a perfect storm, he followed home ownership with a broken femur from a rough landing. Apparently being a homeowner on the mend opened the door for domestication. Neither Steve or I ever expected to see our nomadic friend in a Home Depot fussing over sprinkler equipment to keep his yard green while he is off on fires. Or be discussing the stylish home mag Dwell. And most amusing he has one of those huge Kitchen-Aid mixers, identical to the one I sold before hitting the road.

While it is fun to tease, we are happy for him. Happy that he is getting to check out another way of life just as we are. In fairness I must say that he hasn’t gone completely Martha Stewart, as his front yard is home to two ATV’s, a couple motorcyles grace the front porch and a ’66 mustang sits in the driveway. Some of the assortment belongs to a rotating crew of roommates who also stock his deep freeze with cairibou, moose and who knows what else.


Congrats to him for making a sweet life for himself in hip but not too posh Boise. A vibrant city with lots too offer anyone, but stuck in a valley at 2,000 feet elevation the summers are hotter than I want for my future home.

Jill and BlueJill and neighbor dog Blue at a Tex hosted BBQ


2 thoughts on “Domesticating Tex

  1. Just call me a songbird in a gilded cage.

    Glad you guys stopped on in for a little Elko & Les Bois paradise. I’m proud of you two gypsies. Don’t forget: you guys can always move in.

    And who the hell is that bald freak on a bike?

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