So we hit up Maple Canyon this past week on our way through Utah.  Interesting cragging on weird conglomerate cobbles.  Not necessarily the top of our list places to climb (hard, pumpy, overhanging sport not our style) but a unique place worthy of a stop over on the great journey.  There is camping right in the canyon so you don’t have to drive to a trailhead (I’m a big fan of not moving our home every moring) and the climbing setting isn’t half bad save all the pesky flies.  Here are some snapshots…

maple canyon

The view from above looks very different than what you see down in the canyon cragging.

10bAhhh, they make it sooo easy to climb here without a guidebook.  At least its chalk and pencil and not spray paint.

Monfreid Maple

Monfreid solos harder than we climb.

IMG_3596Utah roadblock?

(Baaaaaa!  Insert sport climbing sheeple jokes here)


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