Hot Rods and Hand Cracks

We rolled into Moab last weekend and straight into the middle of the annual classic car show & cruise. Undoubtedly one of the busiest times of the year for this little outdoor mecca. By Sunday morning the classic cars and weekend jeepers rolled out and we started enjoying the funky climbing routes and more wild desert scenery. Climbed a few pitches on Potash Road, car side climbing at its best. Climbed the Owl in Arches National Park, also biked and hiked around the park a bit. Now we are are heading down to Indian Creek for a brief taste of those infamous hand cracks before rolling on to Denver for a long layover with old friends. Updates and photos to come in a few days.


2 thoughts on “Hot Rods and Hand Cracks

  1. Nicely done you son of a bitch.. thought i would give you an update… Eric Bledsoe the 23rd Best player in the class of 2009 is expected to pick Kentucky tomorrow over memphis…. he’s also a point guard… it’s killing the little colonel.

    By the way, majorly diggin’ the mullet.

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