The Three Rs

Reduce, reuse, recycle.  I’m all about them.  The last one is my favorite because I can buy stuff in ridiculous packages and not feel too guilty. Not always being able to recycle has been one of the hardest things about this trip.  I’ve had some good and bad moments trying not to clog our countries landfills.

In Thomas, WV there were bins out for the community to recycle.  They didn’t take glass or plastics.  I carted that stuff back home…when I used to have a nice big recycling bin the city would empty every Tuesday.  Those were the salad days, curbside recycling.

National Parks are great, they’ve got these nice bins at parking lots and campgrounds.  At J-Tree they even have a place to toss your empty camp stove bottles.  Not to mention California will pay you money to bring back your empties.

The BLM campground and visitor’s center at Red Rocks didn’t have any barrels out.  Seems they tried to recycle a few years ago, but people were putting their trash in the recycling bins and the company who hauled the stuff off complained.  So the BLM people quit recycling.  Just gave up I guess?  Strike 308 Las Vegas, you won’t be on our list of places to settle.

Now here in Southern Utah (outside the National Parks) I’ve seen one lone recycling barrel at the Interagency Visitor’s Center in Escalante.  I’ll be showing that can some love before we leave town.



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