Viva Utah

We fled. No two ways about it.

Earlier this week we reached our consecutive-day camping limit at Red Rocks Campgound just outside of Las Vegas. The weather forecasts were gloomy at best for anyplace that might be next on our list. So since we were in the land of cheap hotels it made perfect sense to get a room for a night and then return to Red Rocks for another few days of climbing. The rock there is superb.

So with a little help from expedia we found what looked to be a neat little hotel on Mt. Charleston . Aka not “the strip”. We were so proud of ourselves…a room in the mountains…I bought bubble bath. So we go and I do get a bath in before we lose power in the blowing snow storm. At any other time in my life this would be a fun story. And we did have an passable good time sitting in the hotel bar and going on an impromptu ghost tour with the property manager. The tour took a too rich for words turn when she unlocked a guest room door that had guests in it. We scared some poor gentleman half to death.

Here’s the downside of it all. The meager hotel staff was exceptionally nice but clueless about how to handle such a situation. They said the power went off often but could only round up a couple flashlights. It took them hours to start the generator that only seemed to power the lobby lights. The generator was right outside our room making for a horrible nights sleep and a grumpy me. The only thing comped during all this was one drink. Pathetic in a town where you can pickle your liver for free at any number of casinos. Also much of Expedia’s listing about the place was wrong. Lesson learned there.

By dawn there was no sign of “the juice” returning. Taking it all as a sign Steve suggested taking our chance in a chilly Utah, I agreed and here we are in Oscar’s Cafe outside Zion National Park. As a last word about Las Vegas, the people, by in large, seem to be friendly, many work in hospitality. They can say, “May I help you?” like nobody else but then can’t help you at all. Bless their hearts.


The offending generator in a fresh dusting of snow


4 thoughts on “Viva Utah

  1. You guys are gonna love the Escalante area after spending time in Vegas and Zion… take your time. Vegas is only cool in the movies.

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