Cutting Edge?

Right after we closed on our house and hit the road for good an old friend and co-worker of mine passed on our contact info to travel columnist Chris Elliot after she saw a request on HARO.  A few e-mail exchanges later and whala our little adventure gets its 15 minutes.

You can read about our new-found trendiness here.


3 thoughts on “Cutting Edge?

  1. …and that is how I found you. I have long wanted to travel for an extended period. My kids are just 5 and 9 and when I found the MSNBC article about travelling as a lifestyle I found this blog and have been moving through the archives and love the adventure. Thanks for all of this. Hope our paths cross on the road.

  2. What a fascinating story! I have to say, I am so inspired by your story. It would be so awesome to not have to get a haircut for a year and look like MacGyver! I’m glad to see you guys are early in the trend and it looks like you’re setting yourselves up for a sweet life. (Is that really how you spell “whala”?)

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