Cat in the Hat

A perfect route…a perfect day of climbing. Cat in the Hat lived up to its reputation as the must do moderate route of Red Rocks. In a short time at Red Rocks we developed a long history with Cat. We spent one afternoon finding the route- just to be sure we wouldn’t have any trouble finding it on go-day. We find it, after wandering around the desert for much too long.

Then comes Monday morning, go-day. We get up a bit early and off we go. Struggle to find the appropriate trail again. The rock we’re seeking is visible from the parking lot but staying on the path of least resistance is not simple for people better at navigating rhodo jungles than a scrubby desert. Anyway as we near the trail we meet a couple coming toward us. They report that numerous parties are already on the route. No thanks. Nothing worse than crowded multi-pitch climbing.

With weather coming in we hold off till Thursday. The alarm goes off at 4:30am Thursday. The Red Rock Canyon gate opens at 6am. We’re there waiting at 5:47am. A twenty-five minute drive to the parking lot and we’re down the trail. Finally much less trouble finding the route. At 7:25 we’re at the base of the route. The only ones at the base of the route. Yippee. Gear up and we’re off for five pitches of smooth climbing. The final pitch might rank as one of the best ever! Mild crack climbing to a woozy, tip-toe face. We ended on an excellent perch with a bird’s eye view of Pine Creek Canyon



2 thoughts on “Cat in the Hat

  1. Glad you got to do the Cat!
    Glad to see you haven’t cut your hair either!
    I will drink an Ale 8 in you and Jills’ honor tomorrow.

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