What is it?

I see the mullet coming, it’s growing around the neck,

Steve ain’t seen a haircut in I don’t know when.

Tell us what you think. Is it a mullet yet? Or Jon Bon Jovi? How about Johnny Cougar way back when? A little feathered Farah perhaps?


7 thoughts on “What is it?

  1. Definitely MacGyver! We’re having a good laugh here. I actually took a quick look at your post before heading to the beach this morning for an early surf. On the way to the beach, a single word popped into my mind: MacGyver. I knew that was the answer, but by the time I got back to comment Eric had beat me to it.

  2. I’m thinking it could have mullet potential, but to be full blown he would have to have only the sides and the bangs trimmed….you knwo, so it was done on purpose. I’m feeling John Cougar though.

  3. Hi Guys,
    I just read your blog while out on the road, unemployed and almost broke. We gave up our address for a T@B trailer and have been traveling from Washington State to roam the Southwest for the next few months.

    We are currently sitting in the Starbucks at 29 Palms with our temporary home at Joshua Tree National Park (looks like we just missed each other) and we’ll be headed to Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Moab and then who knows from there!!

    Looking forward to reading more of your stories and hope you’ll read ours too!!


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