SW Slow Down

Our wanderings through the southwest are giving us a much needed chance to slow this show down. Now we are in Joshua Tree National Park. No showers, running water or wi-fi at the campgrounds. So frequent trips into the town of Joshua Tree provides infrequent showers and blog updates.

City of Rocks State Park in southern New Mexico is a hidden gem. Large funky precarious looking boulders dot the landscape. A mellow hiking/biking trail circles the park and shows off this beautiful chunk of desert. And their Starry Nights make Van Gogh’s look like a dime store knock off.

Enjoy the pics below. More to come from J. Tree where we are doing more hiking and cycling than climbing. Go figure! It is all very sweet.


4 thoughts on “SW Slow Down

  1. Yeah, it must be good to take a rest from your unscheduled, no job, no responsibilities lifestyle. That high pace must have been wearing you out 🙂

  2. At the very least, climb the Headstone in Ryan Campground. Cool little route for sure. Coyote Corner smells like hippies. And watch out for coyotes that might steal your chapstick. Glad you guys are having fun. We’re heading to southern Utah for a week around Easter… where will you be?

  3. When is Easter? I’ve seen Easter candy is the stores.

    Climbed enough for me to be black and blue and scraped up all over- oh chimneys.

    Unseasonably cold.

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