Its a Long Way to El Paso

Or so the Old 97s sang.  In a mere 2 1/4 days we blazed across Texas trying to avoid severe, cold weather on our journey westward. We punted on Hueco Tanks, too many logistics to get into the park just to climb on boulders.  Now our ‘pure’ climbing friends might balk at such actions, but I’m not one for fancy logistics to play in the outdoors.  We opted instead to land in Columbus, NM at Poncho Villa State Park.  Its just us, the snow birds, and the US Customs and Border Patrol.  We’re three miles from the little Mexican border town called Palomas.  We’ll check out this little town, but not for the medical tourism, just some margaritas and maybe some Mexican folk art.

img_2111The US Border Patrol Blimp is watching us….


5 thoughts on “Its a Long Way to El Paso

  1. Whoa! Y’all are dangerously close to our neck of the woods (at least the far side of an adjacent very large state). If you don’t stop by, we’ll be terribly offended and not talk to you for, oh, a couple days at least.

  2. Jill & Steve, Just spoke with Peggy & she told me you are in CA. I am giving you a number just in case you are in their vicinity. This couple was our neighbors in Samoa. (Names and numbers removed by Jill…just in case.) They live in Escondido, Ca and after we came back from Pago, they did what you are doing. They are quite a bit older, but sold their home, bought a mini camper and travelled and traveled. They visited us here for Derby one year. They are in their 80’s now, but Jiill, I do think you all would really get a kick out of them. I would love to be like Lorraine when I am her age. They have been everywhere and still travel. I just got a card from them yesterday, with a great picture of Whit. Hope all is well. I know you are having the time of your lives!! Love, Sherry

  3. stay put in new mexico for a week just in case the lobos and fading felines both win their first two games in the nit. you could comprise the uk cheering section for that all important quarterfinal game.

  4. hey steve. i’ve lost your email…again.
    i was wondering if i could have the email to your friends in NZ. i have a couple questions for them about working over there and how they managed to get there…get the family there…etc.
    i would just post a comment but maybe before i do that you could warn them some random girl would be harassing them?

    thoughts? am i just plain crazy?

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