Well Played

Friend completes Ironman. Not sure how many of our blog buddies check out the listings in our blog roll. Today one of the listings is worth your time for it has the story of how to physically and mentally give your all. Our pal Eric originally from south Cincinnati, a fact that doesn’t lend itself to high expectations, completed in fine style an Ironman triathlon.

Eric & Laura along with their 2 adorable but young children are spending a year living, working and exploring New Zealand, a remarkable accomplishment all on its own. This family sets the bar high for the rest of us. If my facts are right Eric only started running about 5 years ago. Marathons and ultras soon followed along with a bizarre ability for talking “sworn non-runners” into becoming runners. While I’m heaping on the kudos, I must also pay props to the rest of the Scheper family as Laura can rack up the miles as well and 6 year old Noah recently completed his first 5K.

Go here for Eric’s Ironman report.


2 thoughts on “Well Played

  1. So if you are from north of Cincinnati would that then lend you to high expectations?

    When are you two going to enter an Ironhuman Race?

  2. Thanks for the kind words Jill. We really admire you two a lot, so it really means a lot coming from you. You know, it’s been wonderful to be living ‘outside the box’ at the same time as you. Even though you’re miles away, it’s great to know you get it and embrace the whole life experience thing as much as we do. Cheers to crazy adventures!

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