To Miss or Not to Miss

Thoughts about leaving Lexington. Absolutely no second thoughts here, if anything I get a little blue that I didn’t do it sooner. Having the house to come back to for the past few months has given us the security to test are wings. Ready to fly! How is that for cheesy?

To Miss:

  • Let’s be honest. I’m not a people person and while I’m going to really miss some folks, I will long most for Magee’s Bakery. Their almond croissants have made my weekends for years.
  • Lexington’s public libraries consist of a handy system of branch locations. There was always one nearby. Even with our recent travels I’ve been able to keep books checked out. I hate to loose this resource.
  • My eclectic group of friends: conservative to liberal, couch potatoes to runners, smart to ditzy; they have provided great laughs and wonderful insights. Being that I’m quite picky about the company I keep, it is hard to leave a place where there are a few people I actually enjoy. On the upside I hope to catch up with friends already scattered far and wide.
  • Playing “Spot the Public Official”. Being that Steve and I know our current events, we often notice when we’re at a table next to or grocery shopping with city council members, former governors, various state politicians, whomever. Not sure why this is fun or why it happens so frequently.
  • Kitchen table talks with Steve. We solve all the world’s problems over a bottle of wine.

Not to Miss:

  • Lack of bike lanes. Really developed a love of cruising around on my bright blue townie but it is a challenge in Lexington with few bike lanes and intolerant motorists. We once had garbage hurled at us from a car window.
  • Warm up and rain so often the bright spot at the end of a five day winter forecast. This Ohio Valley weather with bone chilling damp winters and summers full of smothering humidity will not be missed.
  • Hamburg; Lexington’s ever-expanding strip mall city.
  • The lack of insightful urban planning. By the way that Centerpoint lot has potential to be a mighty fine pasture. Put some horses on it and we’re good to go for the 2010 World Equestrian Games.
  • A city and state population that chooses to be ignorant about so many important social, environmental and economic issues.
  • Small airport and residents who don’t value travel. I hope to eventually live among folks who have some sense of the globe. I never again want to tell colleagues that I’m going on vacation to Slovenia and have them inquire if that is in Canada or in Kentucky.
  • Being the weird one (in many circles) because I eat well and exercise. There are communities in this country where you don’t stick out for running marathons or making a nice lunch out of a big bowl of soybeans.

3 thoughts on “To Miss or Not to Miss

  1. I know you won’t miss people. You’re worse than I am about not liking anyone! And you’ll always be the weird one in my book.

    Every once in a while I read the Herald-Leader and when I see stories, for example, on the likes of Hal Mumme, a guy was there for a few years 10 years ago and went on to lesser and smaller things, makes me think Lexington will always be a small (minded) town no matter how large the population.

  2. You’ve only had garbage thrown at you while riding ONCE?!!! If you think it’s tough biking around Lexington, try heading a couple hours east and see how they are in Appalachia! Now that I live here, Lexington is like a beacon of progressiveness! ( I mean, really, does Pikeville, a town of 7,000, really need THREE McDonalds? Though I guess all three are always packed, so they will build a fourth soon, I’m sure.)

  3. Spot the Public Official

    This is funny to me because I can totally relate. When I worked at Eddie Bauer part time (I was also at KET) Representative Lee came into the store a couple times. Then around the holidays 2009 I was working seasonally at Sephora , a store that sells only makeup and perfume et al, and also happens to be in the same spot as the former defunct Eddie Bauer, and I was checking out this guy who looked really familiar. I had to look at his credit card and the name read Fitz Steele. Not many folks with a name like that. Turns out he is a state rep as well. Funny.

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