Martes Mercado

Here are some photos of Tuesday Market in Hidalgo, the town about a mile from our climbing/camping area. Steve shot all the market pictures from his hip, just quietly clicking the shutter, very James Bond of him.






Tuesday Market is mix of household items, clothes, (many with stateside brands) dvds, hardware supplies, and most importantly excellent, excellent fruits and veggies.



My favorite Tuesday Market stop is Juice Man. Juice Man works out of the biggest produce stand and for less than $1.10 (USD) he juices up 35-40 ounces of fresh orange juice. I may not come back here for the climbing but I could be persuaded to come back for Juice Man.



3 thoughts on “Martes Mercado

  1. From the hip. Camera strap over your shoulder, auto focus, fully auto mode, flash off, point and shoot. Yeah you get a lot of butt, belly, out of focus, poorly framed shots but you can also get some interesting angles and composures completely by accident (or is that planned luck?). Think of it as how a toddler or little person sees the world. Much the same as throwing the Hail Mary in a gang bang (those who shoot will know what I mean), maybe just call it low marry style shooting.

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