Fly Sheriff

The van has a reputation for  being a safe haven for house flies on cool evenings. Now though, there is a new sheriff in town. So flies beware or be dead. Sheriff Steve patrols the van with his faithful sidekick El Matador (aka ole Peachy). He procured this trusty sidearm at Tuesday Market and together they patrol the van from bed to dash laying waste to any flies that dare cross their path. The only hazard in this round up for Sheriff Steve is that the van seat, from which he conducts his stake outs, mixes with his heavy fleece sweatshirt producing a good deal of static electricity.  The result of all this is Steve and El Matador leaping after flies whilst simultaneously getting a good shock from any part of the van they may touch.




One thought on “Fly Sheriff

  1. Did we mention the heaps of flies down here? And the lack of window screens? We feel your misery. What you need is fly spray. We’d be happy to share some toxic fumes with you. It’s really effective. We have a cannister that sprays a burst of toxins every ten minutes during daylight. Then again, playing / watching Sheriff Steve is probably more entertaining.

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