Viva El Potrero Chico

I really dig getting across the border, really any border. I dig it so much that between each journey to a foreign land I forget that there is an adjustment period. This time of seeming a little clueless regardless of how many guidebooks I’ve read. Feels like I’m walking around flying the big dumb American flag. As if I might next inquire as to the location of a McDonald’s. Luckily either I get the hang of my new place or I have a selective memory. That said our first days in Mexico have sailed along well enough even with a few obligatory clueless moments. We have a sweet spot to park the van in a funky little campground, La Posada, one of several camping areas clustered outside the climbing area of El Potrero Chico; we know our way around the nearby village of Hidalgo well enough to find what we need and we are loving the cheap, good food. Overall the weather is excellent…not sure about the climbing yet…did a little today but we picked a shady area expecting warmer weather than we got, so today not the best for that, but tomorrow we climb in the sun.


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