Neko Case = Cool

While I don’t want to turn our blog into commercial portal on the world wide web, I though this deal was really neat.

Neko Case‘s new album, Middle Cyclone, doesn’t come out until March 3, but she’s already released a new single “People Got a Lotta Nerve”. OK, not a big deal artists do this sorta thing all the time. The twist is you can download the single for free here at the Anti Records blog. OK, not a big deal artists are releasing tracks on the internet these days. But wait, the twist gets twistier. For every blog that reposts the song, or someone who uses iLike (whatever the heck that is) and adds the song to their profile, Neko Case and the ANTI blog will make a cash donation to Best Friends Animal Society. Evidently Neko has herself a rescue dog. Cool.

A beautiful woman, holding a sword, riding a ’67 (I think…somebody correct me if I’m wrong) Cougar…its gotta be an awesome record.

My brush with Neko Case came after a show at the now defunct Lynagh’s Music Club back in 2000ish. I had been hearing her music on the now defunct (I’m seeing a patern here) WRVG and had become quite captivated by her voice. So Jill and I drug ourselves out on a school night to hear Neko because…well…it was a show at Lynagh’s. Good show, good drinks, good times. After the show we went up to the front of the club to thank Neko for coming to town and playing a fine show, it was/is an odd habit of mine akin to someone getting an autograph or picture with a star. I’m sure the artists love this, but hey they come back out and subject themselves to us common folk. Now I had picked up somewhere that Neko had spent some time in in British Columbia, the Vancouver area I thought. Having no idea where exactly Squamish is in relationship to the Vancouver area, and having had several pints, I proceed to launch into a whole thing about rock climbing on The Chief in some ‘park’ just outside of town. Now Neko is looking at me like I’m crazy, but plays along with some small talk about a city park and rocks and I’m thinking she is crazy for not knowing about some giant granite rock formation right outside of town. Turns the Chief is just outside of Squamish, BC, about an hour north of the Vancouver. I now try to be a little more geographically correct when I talk to artists after a show. Funny, Squamish is on the list of places to hit on this trip. Guess we’ll just have to cue up some Neko Case when we cross the border.


3 thoughts on “Neko Case = Cool

  1. Neko Case rules. And so does Best Friends. It was amazing during our time in Zion how many people were just “passing through” a National Park in order to get to “BEST FRIENDS!” (yes, they were always that excited).

  2. GOOD EYE! It is indeed a ’67 Cougar. It has the chrome, vertical guards on the front valence panel under the bumper.

    Mom and Dad had the ’68 Cougar “freshened up” this spring. New paint, suspension, lots of interior work, etc. It looks sharp now.

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