Davis 26260


We came for a week.  Just one week to fill in the gaps between travels and Thanksgiving with family.  A week in one of our favorite get away spots.  A few days to help out with some trail work at Whitegrass and just be.  Some R&R from the chaos that is quiting your job, downsizing, putting your house on the market, moving into a van, striking out on an epic road trip, and burying a parent.  One week.  And then it snowed.

Life in Davis, West Virginia has been very good to me.  Frustrating at times, read no snow, but overall a very good break from the chaos that was the end of 2008.  A respite between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A relaxing place to read, plot and scheme.  A place to improve my skiing.  The hospitality that has been extended to us is sweet, save the name of the street in which our digs are located.


Not much worse than hanging that left off Fifth after a perfect (or sometimes less than perfect) day of playing outside only to be reminded of this guy.

kent_spencerOh well.  I guess not everything in life can be perfect, even in Davis, West Virginia 26260.


4 thoughts on “Davis 26260

  1. I agree with Greg…plus it doesn’t obsess about Dale, Jr. or wrestling….Hope things are good! Sorry we missed you all when you were in LexVegas.

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