The Week That Was

Now where do we keep our glasses? We’ve kept them in the same place for the six years we’ve lived in our Lexington abode, but this past Monday night I stood in our kitchen parched and confused. No I hadn’t had a stroke, just been out of town for over a month. That shouldn’t be long enough to forget where you keep things in you own house, just long enough to appreciate being back home. Jill and I had just returned home for a week after having been gone some 38 days. I haven’t been away from Lexington that long since the summer after my freshman year in college. That was 14 years ago. I’ve been knocking around Lexington, Kentucky for 14 years. That is a long time to stay in one place. I only realize that now that I’ve made the decision to move, and traveled  out on the road for a couple of months. Before this adventure 14 years in one place felt nice and comfortable. Now van living and the next stop feel nice and comfortable, even if the next stop is for only 14 days. Now where are those glasses?

Our week at home wasn’t so bad. We caught up with friends and former co-workers. Heard great stories. Reorganized our road supplies. Remembered where we kept our glasses. Got our house back on the market. Were reminded why we wanted to quit our jobs in the first place. Ate. Drank. Were merry. I even got to mow the  yard and mulch the leaves, in the middle of December after a couple of inches of snow and rain. Yeah, I’m still pumped I got the leaves off the yard. I’m gonna ride that high all the way to the New Year. But the week came to an end. We packed up the van and pulled out of the driveway and headed for the next adventure. Christmas with our families.


One thought on “The Week That Was

  1. Woohoo. How’s Lex Vegas doing? Hope you sell the house so you can buy the mill. I’ll be ready for mill rehab and grain grinding by 8/09 so count me in.

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