Warm-up & Rain

Over the past week Mother Nature sent us that old familiar duo known as “Warm-up and Rain.” The snows melted, we Christmas shopped, did a few chores and played some intense Scrabble. On Wednesday we made use of the partly sunny skies in the neighboring valley of Seneca Rocks. We adore Seneca for rock climbing but with the rocks wet and seeping we settled for a mellow hike and great views.



The flakes returned yesterday but not in the quantities we wanted. So today brought a casual ski on the snow farm where fences catch drifting snow, followed by a trip to Blackwater Falls State Park to check out how the falls were flowing after all the rain and snow melt.

snowy-rail falls-1


One thought on “Warm-up & Rain

  1. Well, as long as your in that area, stick around ’till June! The Highland Sky is on my birthday this year, so I’m running it. It will be odd being in a race that long and not having to navigate with map and compass!

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