Kaufmann Caught with New Skis


Davis- Reports are circulating that Steve Kaufmann has been caught with voluptuous new skis. The above picture is reportedly Kaufmann caught cozying up with the hefty yet stylish Karhu 10th Mountain Division Skis. Sources close to Kaufmann say his Karhu Ursas have been unfulfilling for quite sometime.

“While they are the most faithful of touring skis, the Ursas just can’t provide the sense of adventure he seeks. They stopped communicating sometime ago.” says our source.

One can imagine that after years of touring on the Ursas, Kaufmann may be ready to tackle greater back country adventures with the 10th Mountains. Fans of the 10th report them to be excellent for cruising and turning in eastern powder.

“They are what I ski,” says local ski guru Chip Chase.

Envy may contribute to Kaufmann’s desire for new boards. Reports are just coming in that Kaufmann’s wife, Jill, stepped up to a mighty pair of boards last year.

Sources claim to have heard Kaufmann saying, “They are my wife’s skis,” when a passerby would compliment the Ficher Boundless Crowns as he leaned his modest Ursas in the shadow of those ferocious Boundless Skis on the racks outside Whitegrass Touring Center.

For everyone here at SkiNEWS, we hope that Steve and his skis work through this tough time. We hope to see both the Ursas and 10th Mountains back out on the trails.


One thought on “Kaufmann Caught with New Skis

  1. Boy those are some shapely sexy twins you got there… hope you have your ski boots on under the covers too! can’t wait to see some pics of you dropping the knee.

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