Family Roundup

Steve and I intentionally kicked off our travels with plans to spend more time than usual with our families this holiday season. We figure that much of next year will be spent traveling in the west well away from any relatives. So put in our time now, right!

Earlier in November we spent nearly a week with my family in Eastern Kentucky. Had a fine time relaxing at my brother and sister-n-laws house. While their lack of green livin’ drives me mad, I do enjoy lounging about their spacious, peaceful digs.  We even helped my brother celebrate his fortieth birthday. He seems to be gaining the calm and smarts that often come with years while holding on to the chuckle of a teenager up to no good.

Momma Peg joined us for a strenuous 7 1/2 mile hike to Bad Branch Falls and High Rocks in Letcher County. We were blessed with an excellent day for a long hike in the woods. Momma who has taken to running over the past few years, did well on what is not an easy hike.  We all enjoyed the exposed view from High Rocks. Steve and I appreciated the slightly foggy day which diminished what would have been harsh views of mountain top removal. With an update on Momma, she celebrated Thanksgiving by taking third in her age category at the Keeneland Turkey Trot.



After a nice ski break in WV we rolled on to Alexandria, Virginia to spend Thanksgiving week with Steve’s sis, her husband, their 3 year and 17 month old toddlers and 2 fat cats.  As you can guess form that line up, we promptly kicked into a higher gear. We battled our nephew in sword fights, cheered the niece on with some of her first steps, got off the couch for a 5 mile Turkey Trot and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with folks who have completed far more exotic travels than us.

Cheers to Carol & Kevin for pushing their children in the Turkey Trot and still finishing in about 57 minutes.  We thank them for letting us step aboard the merry go round that is their family life. They are a happy, healthy tribe always in need of nap, not to mention a fancy vacuum and tummy tuck for the cats.






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