Who knew Christmas would come before Thanksgiving? Big Christmas if you consider snow covered trails a fine present. We’re on our third day of XC skiing. The wind picked up today and sent me in early. Now I’m sitting in the cozy Whitegrass lodge watching as the snow falls in a sideways fashion. Here are some pics from yesterday. img_1267



5 thoughts on “Whitegrass

  1. Argh! I figured this would be some kind of record year for snow. I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys put out the “Will Work for Food” sign and stayed in CV all winter. What bums!

  2. Do me a favor and make yourself at home … Don’t freak about feeling weird about being on Kent Street. Kick back, ski, take out the snow shoes if you want (We will need them on Monday & Tuesday), and live it up while the living it up is good.

    Conserve your resources for your travel … as you are officially travelers now.


    As the Lithuanian philosopher Tadas Norvaisa once said, “It all works out in the end”

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