We found a cool free camping tip last week while in Virginia, wildlife management areas.  For some dumb reason we rolled out of Damascus and away from the Jefferson National Forest where we could have picked up some free roadside camping.  I think it was because there was still daylight and we were done with the JNF, I dunno maybe it was more of that On The Road syndrome.  Anyway we find ourselves heading north back to old KY on a rainy Tuesday night with no place to park The Orca.  Surely there is a Wal-Mart somewhere…  Then we remembered the brown signs for the Hidden Valley.  The only thing we really knew about this Hidden Valley was something in a climbing guide about sport routes on private property just outside of Abingdon, and that there was a brown sign that pointed to the Hidden Valley (not very hidden).  So we wheel off the main road and start going straight up the mountain; down shift, 90 degree switchback, hope the brakes work on the way back down kinda road.  We crest a gap and spot the signs for the Hidden Valley Wildlife Management Area.  A kiosk and sign send us down a gravel road to a lake where we figure out a spot to camp, for free.  Virginia’s WMAs get funding from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, so thank you sportsmen of Virginia for giving us a place to sleep.

img_0082Should I take off my Obama sticker when camping at WMAs?


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