Blog Interactive

Over the past couple of months we’ve seen a lot of wildlife, including this elk.  Tell us where we spotted her and receive a free beer.*



*Beer only redeemable in the van from what we have on hand.  Excludes any Fat Tire that might still be lingering around from So ill.


9 thoughts on “Blog Interactive

  1. OK, OK, OK some of you all were really close.
    Eric, Laura you’re welcome to a beer but I don’t think we’ll ferry the van to NZ. Besides if we come all the way to NZ you should buy us some beer.
    JB you too were close, but not exact. Send us gas money and we might bring you a beer, maybe even a Fat Tire.
    The answer is Knott Co KY on Jill’s family farm. This elk spent few days in the a bottom up the road from Jill’s childhood home. At some point a local yahoo decided the elk was sick, lame, ill or something and shot the elk. Oh well.

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