Van Livin’

We dig it, man! Steve’s reading On the Road so I here that expression often as he enjoys making fun of Dean and Sal. I was very nervous about how day-to-day operations of the Orca would go. So much so that well before departure I gave frequent pep talks to Steve and myself about how we could not let little annoyances get to us. I worried that we would loose patience with shuffling the supplies of daily living around in such a small space. I envisioned clothes, books and gear piled everywhere with Monfreid, our beloved stuffed monkey, buried underneath it all. And yes, Steve is the neatest, tidiest man this side of the moon but still I worried it would be to much for even him. No need to worry, we have it all under control.

Most of our day to day supplies are stored under the bed in large plastic totes or in our kitchen cabinets. We keep the totes for pots and pans and the food totes near the front and can slide those out quickly for meals and that first cup of coffee. Clothes totes are kept toward the back and can slide out through the back double doors as needed.

We have not used our camp chairs, table and cabana much yet. However they are up on our campsite here in So IL. The park ranger insisted we put something there, but when not climbing or hiking we are in the van. We will use our outdoor living room but right now with chilly nights and our playing hard during the day, we are content at days end to cook a meal, sip a beer, make fun of Kerouac and go to sleep. We sleep a lot in the van. We have been finding ourselves asleep by 10 PM and generally not up until near or after 8 AM.

While we are by no means old hands at this, in regarding things we can control, I must give an A+ to van livin’. We even handled the cold Vermont temps with patience and resolve.

Monfreid not missing in the van!

Monfreid not missing in the van!

Finally using our cabana in So. IL.

Finally using our cabana in So. IL.


3 thoughts on “Van Livin’

  1. I like the Orca moniker. When did that arise? Now you need to paint the top half black and you’ll be set. Can’t wait to see where the apex predator ends up next.

  2. Re: Van living… Jenn and i found the same thing… that when you live in a van, everything only fits in one place, so that’s naturally where it goes. The only disorganized moments we had were in desert sandstorms when we got back from a hike we just tossed everything in the van and closed the doors!! of course, ours is a minivan… so YMMV.

    We’re jealous!!

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