High Point

Vermont was my eighth. It came by chance really, right place, right time, bad forecast for North Conway, NH. In my mind the plan for the Northeast was to hit New Hampshire. I thought it would be fun to go back to North Conway and do some climbing and hiking. By the time we got to The Granite State the weather was turning cooler and the motivation to climb slab in chilly weather was wanning. That and Mt Washington (NH’s high point) would probably be getting snow. So off to Vermont.

Now I didn’t mind doing Vermont as I had already done the North Conway thing years ago. Problem was I hadn’t taken the time to learn all the great outdoor stuff Vermont has to offer. I wanted to climb rocks and Vermont isn’t known for its world class rock climbing. Luckily for us it has world class cheddar.

Armed with a used copy of one of those 50 hikes in (fill in the blank state) we bought at a bookstore in Brattleboro we arrived in Stowe with an outdoor goal. We’re not hard core high-pointers, more of the “if its there and it’s convenient” type. We were in Stowe, we needed something to do, Mount Mansfield here we come. Now there are several ways up Mansfield; the toll road, the ski lift, or hiking trail. I of course wanted to hike. Any way you choose you have to hike to the true summit so why not hike the whole thing? Besides I didn’t really want to drive the Orca up some small winding toll road. Ski lift with no snow? Nah. So hike it we did. It was a tough hike, rocky trail, cool lunch stop and some awesome scrambling to get to the summit. I wished I had taken more pics on the way to the summit, but I was lazy and just wanted to soak in the scene above tree line (see photos below in one of Jill’s posts). After a couple of obligatory summit photos and a brief conversation with a Green Mt Club volunteer we headed down with another high point under our belt.

Mt Mansfield Explained

Someone thought this pile of dirt and rocks looked like the profile of a man, thus the name.  Or at least that is the story I’m going with.  I think there was once a town in the area with the same name, or someone with the last name Mansfield but just look at the ridge line…it screams man.  The Chin is the the true summit.  This pic is from Stowe Pinnacle to the east of Mansfield, supposedly the his best side.


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