Election Night

After a day of climbing we rolled our van back into the Ferne Clyffe campground in beautiful Southern Illinois to settle in for an evening of food, wine, NPR, and cable news via satellite radio. Nothing like comparing public radio, CNN, and Fox News. Delicious.

We turn on the radio to NPR for their election coverage and hear this at the top of the show…”Welcome to NPR’s election night coverage. NPR can go ahead and call two states, Kentucky for McCain and Vermont for Obama.” Jill and I look at each other and laugh. Its a sign.

Later in the evening Barack Obama spoke to us in his acceptance speech. “…to those who are huddled around radios in the forgotten corners of the world…” We were moved he remembered people like us, living in a van, parked 330 miles south of Chicago. Thanks Barack!


One thought on “Election Night

  1. I actually thought of you when Obama said that. We may be in a forgotten corner of the world, but at least we have high speed internet and aren’t huddled around a radio.

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