Vermont Food Scene

Everyone who knows me is well aware of my love of good food. So of course when checking a place out as my potential home, high on my list is a good local food scene. In this Vermont did not disappoint. Everywhere there was cheese, much of it given away free as samples and most all of it under $10 a pound which is my appointed limit for cheese buying w/o a job. Cheddar is the state speciality with Cabot Creamery carrying the banner however Vermont is home to countless other cheese producers with numerous hip varieties.

Not to be looked over are the apples and apple cider and some funky apple cider doughnuts. The locavore movement  or eating locally concept has caught on big in Vermont. There are local publications dedicated to promoting locally grown produce and events that highlight the links between farms, restaurants, and community.

Another delight was all the local brews and wine. We never made it to a local winery. We made up for this in beer. The local brewery, Long Trail, is named after one of two trails that run the length of the state. We enjoyed their Harvest and Hibernator Ales. Several stops were made in an attempt to bring home a case of the Harvest but harvest time finishes early Up East and we had to make do with the Hibernator. Steve says this beer is a better fit for me anyway. I wonder why he says that.

While in New Hampshire we made our way over to the village of Hillsborough. Our guidebook recommended German John’s for pretzels. We rolled in right before closing and bought a couple pretzels. I inquired about mustard and was chastized for daring to put mustard on a pretzel. The conversation moved to how pretzels are served in Germany with butter which Steve and I enjoyed in Munich. She promptly whipped us up two more pretzels sliced in 2 with butter in the middle. Yum Yum!. I bought some German Mustard anyway!

With pretzles in hand we settled in the van out front of the bakery to munch and sip Ale-8’s, when this lady who was painting the building invited us to the local church’s Harvest Dinner. We didn’t go. I regret that. Really need to embrace those opportunities. All ended well as we traveled to another picturesque village for dinner and I made countless Gilmore Girl comments.

One final note on food…where in the world have Garlic Knots been all my life? We found these first in NY state and then again in VT. Fabulous little bundles of baked dough infused with garlic. Way better than any sort of breadstick. A bowl of those and a Long Trail Harvest Ale and you are set for the night.


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