Mt Monadnock

Great little state park in southeastern New Hampshire. Quaint, rural, small towns dot the landscape below this most climbed mountain in the world (it’s evidently a toss up between Monadnock and Fuji). We hiked this great trail to the top with some cool scrambling on nice wide open granite slabs. With the summit in sight we got passed by some high schoolers. Then some more high schoolers. And some more. And more. Evidently a local high school had a field day. Not the science class, or the PE class, the whole freakin’ high school. Maybe some sorta post Columbus Day outing, I dunno, but it sure felt like the whole school.

Count the kiddies

So Jill and I wheeled it off the trail for the next hour and a half and sat behind a boulder and heard all sorts of funny stuff that only high schoolers can say. “This hike must be 10 miles!” says an out of breath guy. It was only 4 round trip. “I can’t believe so and so stayed back at the bus! I’m so gonna make fun of him.” overbearing jock type. “Is that so and so and so and so up there with their shirts off!?” says a pack of girls.

After the kiddies departed the summit, they apparently had to be back down to the buses by 1 PM, we headed off to the top to enjoy beautiful fall color under clear blue skies. Any other day I’d be ticked at the delay and having to share the trail with a high school. When you’re unemployed and don’t have a hard and fast schedule it isn’t so bad.


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