Contrary to popular Southern belief not all Yankees are unfriendly.  We found folks in Vermont (and New Hampshire) to be quite nice.  Take this fellow we met in Bondville named Bob.  We had left Brattleboro and headed north on some of the backroads of Vermont with some state parks in mind to hold over for the night.

Just another covered bridge on the backroads of VT

Turns out all of the state parks had closed down for the winter.  No problem, Green Mountain National Forest is all around us.  As dusk falls we start driving the county roads trying to figure out if we are in the middle of nowhere enough to pull over camp for the night.  Not so much the middle of nowhere, more near upscale ski resort development.  Hmmmm.  With one Corp of Engineers rec area left to check out things are looking interesting.  We decide to pull into The Starting Gate ski shop in Bondville to get directions and feel out some free camping options.  After chatting it up with a couple of guys in the shop we get directions.  Jill finds the restroom, I continue to talk to Bob.  Now I don’t know Bob’s name yet, but he is an older fellow, killer gray beard, friendly.  “What are you doing up here in Vermont?” asks Bob.  “Traveling around in that van out there checking out the….”  Suddenly I’m interrupted, Bob goes for the register.  “We’ll if your camping in a van you can stay in my driveway if you need to.”  Next thing you know we’ve got Bob’s name and cell number on a little piece of paper.

9B in the Lower Gorge?  Naw, free camping Green Mt NF style

With darkness falling we find the closed campground.  We decide to push northward knowing we had a driveway back in Bondville.  Luckily we found a gated Forest Service road by nightfall and it all worked out.  In hindsight we should’ve called Bob and taken advantage of his gracious offer.  On the other hand its just nice knowing there are still people like Bob out there in the world.


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