Not Us

This wire story ran in some newspapers around the state without the victims names.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t us.

2 found in burned van in eastern Ky. identified

The Associated Press
McKEE, Ky. —

Authorities have identified two eastern Kentuckians found dead in a burned van.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that autopsy results and Kentucky State Police show 31-year-old Christopher R. Wicker and 51-year-old Patricia Gabbard, both of McKee, died of smoke inhalation.

Police say Wicker and Gabbard were living in the van and that a propane lantern used as a light and heat source inside the vehicle started the fire.

Police say the bodies and fire were found in Jackson County.

Our sweet home on wheels has a smoke/CO detector, fire extinguisher and propane alarm.  We only ran the burners on those cold Vermont mornings after we were well awake and out of bed.  What using your propane stove for heat Steve?  When its 34 degrees inside the van you’d want some sorta heater too.


2 thoughts on “Not Us

  1. Don’t know if I should be joking about such a subject, but this story made me remember when Steve said he never wanted to be one of those stories on the news about some obscure random death. You know, where there is just a map in the corner behind the newscaster with a star about where they found the bodies? I went for a run in the Gorge last week and the Rough Trail was closed because of a forest fire. I thought about ducking under the caution tape and trying the trail anyways, but I remembered Steve saying that and thought again.

  2. That’s right Joe, you don’t want to become a VO map on the 6 o’clock news. Even worse if you’re a Buckeye found burned in the Gorge beyond the yellow caution tape. Thanks for playing it safe, guess the local stations had to lead with a car wreck or something.

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