Whatever hit me hurt.  I’ve felt better after running 40 miles through the woods.  If you had asked me where I thought I might pick up a stomach bug on this adventure I would have answered Mexico.  I never dreamed it would be Alexandria.  Oh well, maybe the worse is out of the way health wise.  And the niece and nephew are too cute.

With the Old Town Plague of 08 behind us we are camping in a state park just north of NYC.  Best I can tell its a place where city folk to get away from it all.  Its Columbus Day weekend so it was kinda busy for a Sunday/Monday with the big city radio station hip hop, kids running around a campfire, etc.  It’ll work as a base to get organized and plan the next few weeks.  Looks like we’ll continue north to New Hampshire.  It sorta feels wrong to leave the Hudson River Valley seeing we’re only an hour from the Gunks, but the weather clock is ticking.


4 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. That is hard to believe that you’re that close to the Gunks and gonna pass on by. I know a nice apartment you can stay at while you’re there.

  2. Some neat spots while your in my old stomping grounds…the Appalachian Trail through Connecticut is much nicer that you might expect, especially the northern 20 miles or so. Near the town of Salisbury, if you feel the need to go for a trail run, you could do much worse than running the AT from Salisbury north up to Lion’s Head and Bear Mountain. Both offer spectacular views. We used to go there every October to look at the leaves.

  3. I may be a little late in congratulating you two on hitting the road, but here it is. Tell me that van’s got a CB with a 14′ whip antenna and tennis ball!

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