I would imagine the first ‘on the road post’ to be long, thoughtful and full of pseudo-philosophical ramblings. No, Nada, that ain’t happening here. After a nearly three day garage sale, we ran around like mad for two more days. Donations to Habitat and Salvation Army, getting the house back in order and completing countless errands. After a brief stop in Knott County, we rolled on to Northern VA for what was to be several days of chilling with our toddler age niece and nephew. That’s when things went awry. They’ve had a bit of a stomach flu. These things happen. It really happened to us. Had to ditch the van for a couple days in favor of indoor plumbing. I’m may have set a world record for throwing up. Will leave it at that for now.

Tomorrow we get back on the road, heading Up East as far as the weather and open campgrounds will allow.


4 thoughts on “WIPED OUT!!!

  1. Glad to hear you’re getting on the road and hope you recover quickly. Hope your sense of relief with finishing work was as good as mine.

  2. Wow, I feel awful (but not as bad as you) that I’d told you how great everything would be once you hit the road. Guess I’ll eat my words. Sorry about your luck mate. Hope you feel normal soon.

  3. What?!! You roll through eastern KY to northern VA and you don’t make a stop in Pikeville? I’m hurt! Now you’re probably going to bring that stomach bug with you…as if my kids don’t make enough of a mess!

    Enjoy the drive, take lots of pictures, and be safe!

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