Schools Out

That is how it feels. Today was the last work day for us both. Ready to launch the best summer vacation ever. Yeah I know it is October. Today, a little bittersweet as I left a super bunch of people at Bluegrass IMPACT. Alrighty I got a mojito to sip and some PBS political programming to check out. By the way the local Dem office is completely out of Obama stickers.


3 thoughts on “Schools Out

  1. I’m happy for you and jealous at the same time. It’s the end of an era at TVQ….first Charles, now Steve. By the way, your search for Obama stickers wouldn’t be for the van would it? If so, I have one for you….assuming Steve is actually voting for Obama this year?

  2. I’ll drop it by on the way to the store this morning (Saturday)….I’ll put it in the door in an envelope if you all are out. Viva la Van!

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