The Van CD

The following is a review of The Van CD that my bro in-law Kevin made for us. Released this past weekend we got a good preview on our drive back to Lexington.

This Is Music Vol whatever, NOW Vol 802, Mega Hits of the 90s, Freedom Rock….ahhhh the classic compilation CDs. Don’t rush to judgment and lump The Van CD into that category.

Music is a staple of any good road trip, and if you’re casting off to the open road in a van, car, semi or moped than you owe it to yourself to check out The Van CD. Any compilation that can go from AC/DC to The Peasall Sisters can’t be that bad now can it? Even with such highway hits ranging from King of the Road to Copperhead Road this isn’t your average mix of road trip tunes. From Rage to Van Halen this disc packs a punch. And of course you can’t have a van CD without the Sammy Johns cult classic ‘Chevy Van’. Sure the Van Morrison is a little punny, but you can forgive that pick when its followed by some Joe Strummer.

When getting to your next destination is half the fun cue up The Van CD. From the Stones, Beatles, to Gordon Lightfoot? Yeah this is an album of road tunes you can’t ignore. So the next time you wheel into that Flying J don’t forget to dig around in the bargain bin for The Van CD. Your trip just got a little better.


One thought on “The Van CD

  1. Great idea! Wish I had thought of that! And with that indie record reviewer style, looks like you should’ve skipped the video and gone to print media. Also, as you’re counting down the days, you can tune into Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” to de-stress. We must’ve listened to that song 10 times a day.

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