Loose Ends

So much to do. Cancel the cable internet service and the paper. Sell it all on Craigs List. Figure out what is up with our health insurance. Explain what we are doing to the 300th person. Worry that I don’t look excited enough while giving the explanation. Wander around the library in a tired but anxious delerium looking for anything to distract me from everything.

Okay maybe that is a bit too much drama but the trip’s first climbing pitch or trail run can’t get here soon enough.


3 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. Yeah…I was wondering what you all were gonna do about health insurance but I dind’t want to be a downer on the plans. The end/beginning is almost here! I’m excited for you guys…I wish there was room in the van for me!

    P.S. what are you all doing with that bitchin’ couch? has it already been claimed?

  2. The last couple months pre-departure are such a whirlwind of stress. I remember how stressful it all was. Crazy. Now, looking back, it’s amazing how quickly it all fades away once you’ve made the leap. It’s hard to believe that just over three months ago we were going through the same motions (selling house, buying travel health insurance, canceling services, moving crap to storage and selling other crap on craigslist). Now, that seems like a world away. Seems so long ago. So, on the upside, a calm world of blissful travel awaits you. From the sound of things, you must be getting very close to launch.

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