Days Off, etc

I love days off.  They’re great to tie up loose ends.  I’ve done quite a bit on my days off.  Celebrated a birthday, got the van worked on, wandered around a junkyard, kept the house clean for the hordes of people who are flocking to buy our palace, the list could go on and on.  Whoever invented days of should be thanked.

We greatly appreciate all those who have ventured to our blog, sent words of encouragement about our spirit for adventure, and compared our lives to a Steinbeck novel (looks like a Napa Valley harvest will have to wait until Fall of 09).  When you strike out on a new adventure its nice to know you’ve got family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances rooting for you.  Especially when they’ve got a driveway where we can park!


3 thoughts on “Days Off, etc

  1. Dude, I had to look up effusive. You were effusive with out words on your last day. Champagne does make a statement. For Steve and I it might be appropriate to pull our special beverages out of the freezer. We put some peaches in it awhile back.

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