1993 or 2008 ? A Normal Weekend ?!

I like live music.  Together Jill and I have seen some great live shows.  Back in the day, shows at the now defuct Lynagh’s Music Club played some sorta role in our relationship, or maybe it was just the LITs and draft beer.  Anyway, this weekend music again marked a point in our relationship.  This time it was out back of a church, under a tent, and yes there was draft beer.  Christ the King’s Oktoberfest once again this year served up some sweet music and lucky us the van is pretty much done.  For one of the first weekends since the spring we were doing something together that didn’t involve the van, Lowe’s, or both.  Oh sure there have been weddings and trips to Philpot, but this weekend we finally had nothing pressing to do.  Good music and beer only a short bike ride away?  Yeah we’re there.  Highlight of the weekend was Saturday afternoon hearing Gary Louris and Mark Olsen play an acoustic set.  Those guys sound familiar?

Yeah that album pretty much lit my alt county / Americana fire.  I saw The Jayhawks in a little armory in Evansville, IN back in 1993 when they were touring with the  Black Crowes (hey 22.50 pass out, remember that night?!).  Went for the Crowes, bought Hollywood Town Hall the following Monday.  So fifteen years later I’m sitting on in a church parking lot with my sweet wife, again entertained by two of the finer songsmiths around this musical genre.  And yes they still sound pretty good together.  Of course anything sounds better than a jig saw, a drill, and the frustrations of building a home on wheels.

Sunday, we did some stuff around the house and I was back out doing touch stuff on the van.  OK not yet a normal weekend…but soon.


2 thoughts on “1993 or 2008 ? A Normal Weekend ?!

  1. O. Me. God. I just read a whole big handful of these. You all are hilarious. Very well done. Well written. Sounds JUST like your voice, which I think is the hallmark of good writing. Plus, I love ya’ll—and Bro’s unique humor—so I was on the floor.

    Viva La Van!

  2. How could I forget that night? Rather, I did forget most of it and now I can remember the forgetting. Still kick myself for falling over, but I’ve managed to see them a few times since. I’ve still got the t-shirt: 1993 High As the Moon Tour.


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