Babies R Us

No one need panic but Steve and I have ventured to Babies R Us. We discovered that certain nursery supplies are excellent for a camper van. They have these small hanging organizers for diapers and other baby stuff whatever that might be. Well these organizers are perfectly van sized to IPODs, chapstick and what have you. Also we picked up a toy hammock…makes a perfect shoe pouch for the inside of the side doors.

In other news after a very slow start interest in the house has picked up a bit. From all the how to sell your house stuff I read I expected us to get a lot of showings right off the bat. That certainly didn’t happen. I’m convinced Lexington just moves at a slower pace.

The van is basically completed. Wyatt Plumbing rocks. After much frustration Steve finally called in re-enforcements to solve the leaking propane problem. The plumbers quickly saw that Steve had over-flared the copper piping. After a few meth jokes about having propane in a van, they quickly fixed the pipes and now stove and fridge are working fine!

The beginning is in sight.


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