Nothing’s Easy

As if I hadn’t already figured that out by now.

I decided, on Dr Bob’s good advice, to add mud flaps to the front of the van.  You see with a propane tank sitting behind the front driver’s side wheel it might be a good idea to protect the tank from any flying debris that the wheel might kick up.  Nothing worse than a rock or road gator denting, puncturing, or damaging the tank that holds a flammable substance.  Dr Bob pointed out that Westy’s came with one mud flap on the driver’s side to protect the propane tank.  Those Germans thought of everything…well….hmmmm…yeah.

So to the point of this post.  It took me two nights of puttering to get the mud flaps mounted where the tires wouldn’t rub them while cutting the wheel.  Two nights.  This after buying the ‘wrong’ mud flaps at the ole AutoZone, having to take them back, order a pair that would ‘fit’ our van.  Say anyone know how they get those databases in those chain auto parts to work soooo well. Heaven forbid you walk in there with a question that can’t be answered with your year, make, model, and engine size but I digress.  So tonight after some trimming and drilling I got the flaps mounted to where I think they’ll be out of the tire’s way.

Big bottom, big bottom
Talk about mud flaps, my girl’s got ’em
Big bottom drive me out of my mind
How could I leave this behind?

-Spinal Tap


5 thoughts on “Nothing’s Easy

  1. The point of all that is Steve purchased 2 sets of mud flaps and still had to do some creative engineering to make them fit. So it really took part of a weekend plus 2 nights to sort out. Really though I can’t make fun I just spent hours pillow shopping only to come home with these huge euro square things…really pracitcal…that all started when we discovered mold on our favorite foam pillows. Mold?

  2. Mold? On pillows? And I have to say, if you’re moving into a van, did you really need to replace them? And I am disappointed that I didn’t get to leave the Spinal Tap quote because that was the first thing I thought of when I started reading the post.

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