After discovering water, Steve realized there really might be life in the van.


4 thoughts on “H2O

  1. No paint job. Well who knows Steve may paint if time allows but the fiesta
    theme will come more from the furnishings and state of mind. Stay tuned.

  2. VOCs, indoor air pollution, and carcinogens have me scared. I’d rather take a little moisture, toxic mold, and the grease odor of Mexican food soaked into that wood paneling. Yeah much better.
    Actually might look into some ‘organic’, soy based paint or finish. I think they sell some of that stuff at Home Depot. Not Lowe’s. I guess Lowe’s doesn’t care about indoor air pollution.

  3. Wow….what a PIMPED OUT VAN! Steve, you really missed your true calling….you should have bought Unit 10.

    Anyway, I just wanted you all to know how jealous, inspired and amazed I am about your newest adventure.

    Please tell me that you are gonna paint a mermaid on the side of the van…Mountain Heritage Festival is at the end of the month…I bet you could have a dude airbrush one for you real cheap!

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