Cherry Tomatoes

Every Spring I throw a few plants in the ground with renewed dedication to nurture them through to the Fall. I usually get a few tomatoes and maybe some zucchini but not much more before the plants, depressed by neglect, follow through on a suicide pact.  This year though, I have a mini-garden to brag about. After re-doing the patio last year, we left a small isocles triangle of soil very near the door. It has sent forth an excellent crop of mint, basil, cilantro and best of all an enormous cherry tomato plant.

Good Read: It’s A Long Road to a Tomato by Keith Stewart. The tale of being an Organic farmer in New York’s Hudson Valley.


3 thoughts on “Cherry Tomatoes

  1. Are you sure it’s not a scalene triangle? Those tomatoes look yummy. I wish we had some good summer produce. I was just told today that now is the time to put you tomato plants in the have tomatoes for Christmas. Spring has apparently arrived. And I’ll be looking for your hippie organic farmer book.

  2. Great pictures! I especially like the one of Jill with tomatoes and cute hair.

    My garden’s not fairing well. My basil already bit the dust in a frost. My bird of paradise is turning brown. Perhaps I jumped the gun and planted too soon. The lettuce and rosemary and spinach are fine. I think my cilantro will pull through.

  3. Glad you’re enjoying the gardening while you still have a place for the plants! It’s been a good year for tomatoes here with the warm July and August we’ve been having. Maybe the suicide pact is something zucchini are genetically prone to…mine all drank the Kool-Aid early this year despite lots of compost and care. I actually think it was the squash vine borers, but I liked your concept of plant depression.

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