Yard Snakes

I won’t miss yard work, especially if there are yard snakes involved. Yard snakes are harmless little garter snakes…well harmless if they don’t scare you half to death. Yard work shouldn’t have snake hazards. Of course today I was mulching around rocks so I’d expect to see a snake or two, but when you come across them while mowing it’ll really throw you. Can’t they feel a mower coming at them? There have been fewer yard snakes this year and the ones we do have are much smaller than two or three years ago. Guess that is why we have so many crickets and mosquitoes. Its a real love hate relationship I’ve got with these yard snakes.


3 thoughts on “Yard Snakes

  1. You should get a little patch of astroturf to throw out on the side of the van. Then when you’re all set up at a campsite you can put out some frog statues, rubber snakes, and inflatable palm trees and have a nice little yard to remind you of home.

  2. At least your pests live outside your home. Noah just voiced concern at lunch that a cockroach was climbing into his peanut butter sandwich. Sophie said “he probably got lost from his family”. I hope she’s right. I hope the rest of the family hasn’t moved in as well. You won’t miss snakes. I won’t miss roaches.

  3. Yeah we’ll get right on that Eric. Even add some pink flamingos too.

    Laura that is a funny story. I think I’d take a yard snake over a cockroach in my peanut butter sandwich any day. Yard snakes stay outside…and you know how I love my peanut butter.

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