Van Break

So I’ve taken a brief break from vandom.  A weekend off so to speak.  No I didn’t lay on the couch and watch the Olympics, I showed the house some love.  Straightened up junk, touched up interior paint, and put in a new garage door opener (it couldn’t wait another month or two, it just had to break).  Jill even posted our house on a couple of outdoor message boards to see if any climbers wanted to buy it before we list with a realator.  I even broke out the climbing gear last night to trim a tree.  Its been almost a year since I’ve worn a harness, longer since I’ve trimmed a tree.  Luckily I survived.  Tonight I cleaned out gutters, its easier when all the junk clogging the gutter is nice and dry.  Cleaning out gutters is one of the things I WON’T miss when we hit the road.  On our next house I don’t think I want gutters.  Some good French drains that I don’t have to climb a ladder and clean out.  They don’t put gutters on houses in Canaan Valley, probably the snow.  I’d like to live there.  Maybe in a yurt.  I don’t think they put gutters on yurts.  Luckily I don’t have to put gutters on the van.  It came with them from the factory.


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